Reduce Cross Bore Risk
Why utilities should integrate cloud-based mapping software into cross bore inspection programs

CoverThere are an estimated 1 million cross bores in the United States - each one capable of causing massive, potentially lethal destruction. Utility run cross bore detection and mitigation programs are one of the few lines of defense against this widespread issue.

Effective cross bore detection and mitigation programs need field-ready, mobile-friendly tools. 

GIS provides a valuable foundation, but lacks mobile-friendly field tools and convenient data sharing capabilities. This white paper examines how cloud-based mapping technology can address these gaps to increase efficiency, and ultimately, decrease cross bore risk for all. 

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How cloud mapping technology can address the 13 underdeveloped GIS features for cross bore programs

An end-to-end, map-based approach to legacy cross bore inspection and mitigation

A step-by-step guide to implementing new mapping technology within your utility

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